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The Rose of Bethlehem Jewelry in the media:

Named a "Home Run" gift by







Jewelry 'Miraculously' Blooms Again and Again

Judean desert flower becomes instant conversation piece

Published: 04/14/2013 at 3:59 PM

You have never seen anything like this in a jewelry store.

A necklace with a live flower that opens over and over again.

The Rose of Bethlehem is a small, relatively unknown flower, native to the Judean desert, not far from the city of Christ’s birth. Even after being removed from the ground and with just a few drops of water, the rose has the ability to re-bloom again and again. For the first time this “miracle flower” has been added to a line of jewelry.

A selection of pendant casings is available including crosses, Stars of David and circular pendants featuring the Rose of Bethlehem in the center. Gayla Harish, of RoseOfBethlehem.com, explained that she hopes the jewelry will serve as a connection to the Holy Land.

“Our flower is elegantly placed on jewelry which turns it into a more powerful and constant connection to the Holy Land – its history, heritage and spirituality,” Gayla said.

“We came to know about this flower through an old pastor. The pastor had been living in Israel for 50 years and he told us about this unique and mostly unknown flower from the Judean desert,” Gayla explained.


“The Rose of Bethlehem grows in the harsh conditions of the Judean desert. Despite these harsh conditions and with just a few drops of water it blooms again and again,” Gayla said. “To me, this symbolized the power of faith and of life that assist us in overcoming hardship and re-generate ourselves again and again.”

The Rose of Bethlehem shares legends with the Rose of Jericho (known as the “Resurrection Plant”), as both plants grow in the Judean desert and have an endless re-blooming ability. Throughout history, these flowers have been associated with miracles due to their ability to return to life and bloom over and over again. The meaning of the miraculous flowers may be different for different people, but there is no doubt it inspires many.

According to Christian legend, Mary and Joseph fled from King Herod’s massacre through the Judean desert with the infant Jesus. When Mary dismounted the donkey on which she was riding, a flower sprang up at her feet to greet the Savior whom she carried in her arms. The flowers subsequently grew at all the places where the Holy Family rested during their flight to Egypt.

All through Christ’s life on earth the little rose continued to flourish, but when He died upon the cross all the flowers withered and died at the same time. But three days later, when Jesus rose again from the tomb, at the same time the flowers came to life, and blossomed as a sign of the joy of the earth because Christ was risen.

A unique conversation piece, it is anticipated the jewelry will be popular with individuals desiring to express their faith, or have a connection to the Holy Land, or because of its guarantee to bloom again and again become a family heirloom that can be passed down to future generations.


The meaning of the Rose of Bethlehem may be different for different people, but there is no doubt it will make a unique addition to any personal jewelry collection.


'Miraculous' Rose of Bethlehem Jewelry

This is truly a wondrous opportunity for anyone with a close connection to the Holy Land, especially people interested in unique Christian jewelry. The Rose of Bethlehem, related to the famed Rose of Jericho, forms the center of this incredible Christian Necklace.

According to Christian tradition, as Mary and Joseph fled from King Herod's massacre, wherever the Holy Family rested, there flowers bloomed to greet the Savior. When Jesus died, it was said that all of these flowers withered away. Yet, when He emerged from the cave that miraculous day, the flowers bloomed again! The Resurrection of Christ brought back even the flowers around Him. It is a wonderful story, and thanks to this piece of unique Christian jewelry, you have the opportunity to own a piece of that tradition!

You might be tempted to think that this is just a beautiful necklace, but there you'd be mistaken. It is also a wonderful allegory for the Christian story. Just as Jesus rose from the grave, the Rose of Bethlehem revives with just a few drops of water. What's more, it can perform this feat over and over for years to come. Imagine the amazement on the face of anyone you show this incredible sight! Simply sprinkle a few drops of water on the Rose of Bethlehem, and watch it come to life before your eyes. Even if it goes without water for months, it can be revived again and again, as faithful as ever.

You'll love the opportunity this beautiful Christian necklace offers you as a means of striking up a conversation. Again, with just a few drops of water, you can revive and watch it bloom over and over. What a wonderful way to break the ice, and such a beautiful metaphor for the Christian tradition of rebirth! You can hand this down for generations. Not only will you be able to bequeath a piece of your heart, you'll also be able to hand down a real piece of the Holy Land.

The Rose of Bethlehem grows in the same area that the famed Rose of Jericho does. These are both known as "resurrection plants." They have the amazing ability to revive whenever water can be found, even if they have been dry and tumbling through the desert for months. It's the perfect gift, perfect statement, to show your beliefs to the world! When you are in the desert you seek the water that gives you life, and when you finally come to it, you bloom. As you can stray, you can become dry again. However, water, like Christ, is forever. A few drops of the Word, a few drops of water, and the Rose of Bethlehem blooms again, over and over.

In conclusion, this unique piece of Christian jewelry is truly one of a kind. This is the first necklace of its type available for sale anywhere, and it's a wonderful opportunity for you to own a piece of the Holy Land. Carry it with you, start a conversation, and show the world the miracle of rebirth via this incredible "resurrection" plant. The Rose of Bethlehem, from the Holy Land to your heart, and beautiful to behold.


Rose of Bethlehem Pendant Review

Fellow believers out there can definitely sympathize with me when I say that it is hard to find unique Christian jewelry. Anyone can fashion cross jewelry made out of cheap metals-- I pass by all kinds of selections at the kiosks in the mall-- but it truly takes an anointing to make Christian jewelry with a special touch. Quite honestly, I had been feeling a bit out of sorts with the selections of Christian jewelry out there. Large rhinestone crosses weren't for me, but an average silver cross didn't seem to capture the unique element I wanted. They also didn't seem to have that special personalized touch I wanted to have when blessing a loved one with a gift. With that said, it takes a truly gifted business to craft a Christian necklace that is both unique and an interesting symbol of our Lord's love, and I finally found one-- the Rose of Bethlehem pendant.

I found the Rose of Bethlehem pendant after a very lengthy search online. The pendant includes a small Rose of Bethlehem implanted into the middle of each piece. This beautiful flower appears dry and dead when you receive it, but blooms when it is touched by a few drops of water. The company, Rose of Bethlehem, truly blessed me with its description of the significance of the flower, which is meant to represent Christ dying for us and rising again. The flower will bloom every time you sprinkle water on it and it appears "dead". The versed quoted on the website is very fitting: "whoever believes in me, streams of living water will flow from within him" (John 7:38). I looked over the selections, and finally settled on the silver cross pendant.

When I received the pendant in the mail, it was in perfect condition. I loved the tarnished finish, as I prefer a move vintage look to my jewelry. I also had my pendant customized with my favorite gemstones and the gemstones that my children picked out. They call it my "Mommy's Jesus flower necklace"! I have had my pendant for a few months now, and I remove it every time I take a shower or go for a swim. The pendant is holding up just fine, and still has plenty of shine-- the company even guarantees replacements. The stones are all in place, and a quick polish with a damp cloth keeps them shining. The flower blooms each time I add water, as if I'd just bought it yesterday. I also receive quite a few questions about my pendant, which helps me break the ice and even minister to more people. I truly love my pendant, and it allows me to share Christ's love with even more people. If you're interested in a customized Christian necklace with a personal and unique twist, this is definitely the company to go to.


5 tips on how to break the ice on a first date

Dating can be a fun and exciting, but it can also be a stressful event. The key is usually in the first date. A successful first date often sets the tone for those that follow.

The most important aspect that determines a first date's success is a flowing conversation, sometimes light and sometimes leading to deeper issues, helping us learn about each other.

However, often we are stressed and don’t succeed to “break the ice” to start a flowing conversation. We are then left with awkward silence and conversations that makes you yell at yourself in the car after the date (sounds familiar?).

So how to break that ice?

Here are a few techniques that will help you break the ice enjoy the date –

1 – Awareness: If you are aware of the stress that the date creates, overcoming it becomes a much simpler process. Tell yourself that this is just a date, and that if this one will not succeed there will be others for it all a part of the Lord's plan. Make sure you feel comfortable, don't try and impress but rather try to have fun, after all if it's not fun it's just not IT. Try not to treat it as an interview, at the end of the road if it'll work out it will be because you enjoyed spending time with your new partner and not because they stand up to some requirements. If you still feel stressed try taking a deep breath, hold it as long as you can and clearing your mind by focusing on a single image of something that you like, repeat this until you feel calm and ready.

2 – Smile: Smiling often, especially when meeting for the first time, is crucial as it can make both you and your date feel more comfortable and relaxed. When smiling your brain produces chemicals that help relieve stress and uplift your mood. Smiling is also contagious, the part of the brain that is in charge of smiling tends to unconsciously imitate smiles of others, thus making your date less stressful as well! Oh, and one more important fact, researches show that smiling makes people look more attractive and that's always good especially on first dates.

3 – Conversational Items: Starting a conversation with a stranger can sometimes be a hard thing to do, using conversational items can really help with that. Wearing a special piece of clothing or jewelry that bears a meaning can help start a flowing conversation, it will allow you to share personal information about yourself in a light, easy-going way. When I met my current partner I was wearing a unique necklace with a Rose of Bethlehem flower, this is a real flower from the Judean desert that blooms again and again with a few drops of water. Just as we were sitting he noticed the open flower on my necklace and asked what it was. Talking about the meaning of it and how it made me feel connected to my faith led to a personal conversation that I remember till today, a conversation that made me excited about meeting him again.

4 – Fun Questions: Sometimes during a date there are moments of silence, avoiding them is nearly impossible but there are ways to make them unnoticeable, fun questions are the best way to do it. You can prepare some questions in advance that will help you get pass these moments, but you have to make sure to make them fun and light and pop them at the right timing. Questions like "What's your favorite vacation spot?", "Tell me something special about you that not a lot of people know", even silly questions like "If you were a super hero, what would your super power be?" can get the job done and also lead to a meaningful yet light conversation!

5 – Do Fun Things: If you are a bit more of a shy person, placing yourself in a situation that would require constant conversation can be troublesome. You can always avoid such situations by going to a place with stimulations other than your date. You can always go to the Zoo, play bowling or attend a cooking class. These sort of places allow conversation but also add stimulations that would help develop a conversation and break the ice.

So get out there and have fun, always remember that the most important thing is just being yourself, if your date is right for you they would take you just as you are... And check out that Rose of Bethlehem flower, it's really cool! 


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