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The Rose is a sturdy and resilient flower and can last for decades.

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Blooming again & again
with just a few drops of water!Shop Now

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About the Rose of Bethlehem

The Rose is a biblical flower growing in the harsh conditionof the Judean Desert in Israel. With just a few drops of water, the Rose will bloom again & again for years! staying open for an hour in each bloom. Even if you don't wet it for years, it will still miraculously come back to life and bloom once you wet it.


The Rose’s blossom is a reminder of the daily blessings that faith brings into our lives, a symbol of eternal love and new beginnings. It is also an inspiring reminder for the power of faith in helping us overcome life's challenges and bloom!

Whether you want to celebrate your eternal love & faith; or need strength and inspiration at a time of hardship, the Rose of Bethlehem will serve a unique and meaningful reminder!


Wear this glorious gift from God and let it blossom upon you. Choose your Rose now >>



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